Catching Up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so I’ll attempt to summarize the on goings of my life since I turned 30. I’ve been extremely busy healing, working, wedding planning, fruitlessly job searching, raging. That sort of thing.

As it turns out, getting older sucks. In the physical sense. Well, in all senses, but especially the physical sense. I’m tired most of the time. I get sore easier. It’s more difficult bending down to pick up something without releasing some sort of involuntary grunt and losing my breath. My bones are more brittle.

1)      So back in the beginning of November I broke the big toe of my right foot.


The dangers of working retail during the holiday season. What was the culprit? Other than shoddy equipment and dulled senses from working in a freezer set at ten below? A 12lb. frozen turkey. Hilarious, I know. Go ahead. Laugh it up.

Since you find my pain so funny, let’s do this: I’ll take a 12lb. bowling ball and hold it out just a little over my head, which is a height of about 6ft. You place your foot out as a nice target underneath it. Then I’ll let go of the ball. A nice dead drop right on the tip of your little toe. Let’s see if your toe doesn’t break. Then I’ll kick you in the ass for good measure.

2)      Christmas was great this year, despite that I work in retail and it has made me hate all holidays. Christmas day itself was pretty good. My beautiful fiancé gave me a great many gifts: The extended director’s cut of Watchmen, Batman: Arkham City, stylish clothes so I don’t look like a caveman anymore….


She’s the best fiancé ever.

3)      January, I went to my nephew’s wedding in Phoenix. My little nephew, all grown up, a war hero, and now, married. Did I mention that it sucks getting old? He used to be a rotten little kid who kept getting into my action figure collection. Seriously, though. I’m very proud of him.


4)      Since I’m on the topic of weddings. We’ve been very busy planning our wedding coming up in April.


On some days, the planning is actually not that bad once we get down to business. Other days, only one of us is down to business. That kind of slows things. I will say I am very blessed on the wedding planning. Tiffany is far from being a “bridezilla,” which is another one of the hundreds of reasons I love her.

I put together a website of the approaching wedding. You can view it HERE! I didn’t really build it. provides the pages, I just entered the info. It’s a real user friendly site.

So anyway, I’ll try to post more often. I’ll try to do more exciting things so that way I can post something interesting to read.


I’m poor….

I can’t afford exciting things….

Well, in that case, I started another blog! Check it out!