Shed Hunting and Wilson Mt. Day Hikes

A couple months back I went shed hunting (searching for the shed antlers of deer and elk) north of Flagstaff in unit 7E just off the U.S. 89 N with my older brother. Seems like every time I stumble upon the thin odds of actually finding antlers in the great outdoors, it is unintentional. The last time I embarked into the woods specifically for antlers was back in Alaska when my brother and I tried finding moose scoops. We were unsuccessful. We didn’t find any shed antlers this time either, but we did find the skeletal remains of a few elk.

A couple weeks later we hiked the Wilson Mt. Trail #10, just north of Sedona off of 89A. The trail head starts at a small parking lot at Midgley Bridge. This is a great hike. Approximately 10 miles total, it is a fairly easy hike and not much elevation gain from the trail head to the top. The trail itself has had plenty of foot traffic, but is still very rough in a few areas, especially when approaching the first few barren hills.

The trail ends at the top of the mountain, leading to the crest of a red rock wall with a very long drop to the bottom. From there you get a priceless, scenic view of the beautiful Sedona landscape and of the city of Sedona. I highly recommend it.