I have been defeated by the generous portions of a restaurant. That doesn’t happen often. The only other time I can really remember this happening is a little diner in Beautiful British Columbia that served me two flapjacks bigger than the plate they lay on. The culprit tonight was a Brazilian steakhouse here in Bellevue called Novilhos. There are 14 choices of fire grilled meats to try at this different take on all-you-can-eat. I was able to get through seven of them.

Imagine an amazing dimension where Americans can gorge themselves buffet style, but the food is excellent and the atmosphere is actually appealing. (This magical place is pretty expensive, so don’t expect to see Billy Bob shoveling powdered mashed potatoes down his gullet with his obese wife and their three obese kids.) Imagine a place with an open salad bar where you can choose your own adventure with prime ingredients including a strawberry salad with a strawberry dressing, chicken salads or macaroni salads. Continue around the bar for more appetizers of bruschetta, select thin cuts of cold meats, seasoned olives, mild and sharp cheeses, rice and black beans. Imagine a place where wonderful people with beautiful accents keep bringing you select skewered meats hot off the grill and sliced right onto your plate. These wonderful Gauchos keep bringing more and more succulent and savory meats until you just can’t take it anymore.

My favorite was the Filet com bacon. A Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon. Makes me wonder how anyone can be vegan. On top of the excellent meat selections, the excellent wait staff will bring three side dishes to accompany the meal: The house garlic mashed potatoes, fried polenta dusted with parmesan, and fried bananas.

One of the things that really impressed me about Novilhos: the restrooms. Like any brand new establishment, the restrooms were clean and well lit; however, they have a floss and mouthwash dispenser next to the sinks. Genius. What else does a person need after biting through succulent pieces of well prepared animal? All those other restaurants give you is a lousy toothpick. Nice gesture, but floss is really going to get those strings of meat between your teeth.

How can they get away with having such fine dining? When I said expensive, I meant it’s $40 a plate expensive. It was well worth it. It’s a wonderful, wonderful place.