Absence of Posts

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and kind of embarrassing that I’m posting my first blog of the year in February. I’ve been incredibly busy since my last post. I’ve been going through some stuff, some good and some bad, but mostly just trying to balance daily life.

The last thing I posted was about the NaNoWriMo Challenge, which I did attempt. Unfortunately, I did not complete the challenge (I was about 19,000 words short), but I accomplished sparking a fire for a story I think has the potential of being a great novel. So I have been working on and will continue to complete and polish that work.

I also attended the Phoenix Comic Con Fan Fest back in December. So look forward to seeing a blurb and some pictures for that. Just in time for Amazing Arizona Comic Con!

I’m so on top of things.

NaNoWriMo: Yolo, MoFo!


“Write drunk; Edit sober.”¬† -Ernest Hemingway

I may be inebriated more often than usual this November.

I’ve decided to do the National Novel Writing Month challenge: Write a novel (50,000 words) in the month of November. That starts tomorrow. I’ll have to commit myself to write approximately 1666 words or more a day to meet that goal. I’m going to do it. I’m sure it will be crap, but I’ll do it. It’s more of an exercise in discipline than being able to write a well crafted story. It will be a good way to get the kinks out and get the creative juices flowing. Something good might come from it or not. I’ll be sure to post any excerpts I think are worthy.

Here’s to me writing a whole book, start to finish.



A Los Angeles Weekend

I recently took a trip to L.A. to see some old friends. The last time I went to Los Angeles I was carrying this negative, preconceived notion of the city¬†that was based off hear-say and imagination that weighed on my mind and my mood . That poor attitude affected my experience of that trip and the people who were with me. That’s not a good way to travel. You have to keep an open mind. You have to take things for what they are and try to find a positive quality in them.

I tried that approach this go-around with L.A., and suffice to say, I had a much better time. I think it was a good step in the direction I’ve been taking to fix my outlook on life and create a more promising future for myself.


Old Friends

The one thing I’ve been great at collecting, and there’s no question that I will keep, are my books. I have a decent sized library for just one guy. Nothing like the collection some of my contemporaries from college have, but it’s a good size for me. I focus on quality. Not quantity.

homer books

After having lived in three different States in the past seven years, I’ve accrued and packed up boxes of books in each. So now, that I’m sort of settled in a new/old city, I’m unpacking all of my books and organizing and shelving them. It’s like seeing old friends again. All the literary anthologies and text books, those weighty tomes of my college years. All the novels and collections of short stories. The books I bought from the Friends of the Library for a very modest price. The amounts I amassed from clearance sections at book stores like Title Wave and Half Price.

I remember how and where I acquired each of them, what they remind me of, who I was with and what meaning I took from their pages.

My favorite authors all lined up in alphabetical order. I’ve got my Hemingway between Joseph Heller and Herman Hesse. My McCarthy between George R.R. Martin and Henry Miller. Palahniuk between Orwell and Poe. They’re all there, leaning on one another. Holding each other up, inspirational and immortal.

I have a very spotty Star Wars collection of which I’ve only read a few. I have Ayn Rand waiting to be read, split up between her novels and non-fiction, as well as a ton of history books, biographies and reference materials to scratch my itch for knowledge and to offset my appetite for entertainment and aesthetics.

I have inherited old antiques, An Outline of History by H.G. Wells printed in 1920, The Poetical Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson Illustrated printed in 1882, and The Poetical Works of Lord Byron printed in 1855, which from a previous literary loving owner, has an obituary newspaper clipping of one Warren Cary dated August 12, 1902. He was the younger brother of American poets Alice and Phoebe Cary. I love that kind of stuff, and I now have that awesome piece of history in my possession.

And above all, I have all those books I intend to read. I probably have more books to-read than I have read. So, here’s to reading more this year. Maybe I’ll I put a dent in the pile.