Emerald City Comicon 2012

This was the 10th annual Emerald City Comicon this year in Seattle, Washington. Fifth year for me, and quite possibly my last. I’ve been going since I first moved to the area and it has been one of the few things Seattle’s offered that I completely love and look forward to each year.

The thing that makes ECCC better than any of the other comic cons one could attend is the focus on the art and skill of comics. The artists and writers are the focus of ECCC, available to converse with at their tables if they’re not attending a stellar panel.

Sure, there will be a few big name guests attending the show (this year George Takei, last year William Shatner, the year before Leonard Nemoy), but normally the media guests aren’t big name people and there are very few of them. Instead, the hype is focused on the actual big-name creators of comics, like Brian Bendis, Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, Stan Lee, Brian Azzarello, or Greg Capullo, whom I got to meet this year.

Capullo (long-time artist on Spawn, currently doing the New 52! Batman run) was an extremely nice guy. He stood for and shook the hands of each of his fans who came to his table, at least from what I witnessed. I got him to sign a #1 issue of Batman and also the cover jacket of my Korn: Follow the Leader cd, of which he did the artwork.

Adding to the much more organic feel of ECCC is the access to all of the local North West comic vendors. It’s what I look forward to each year: buying all my graphic novels at discounted prices. Unfortunately, this year, I could only check off one book from my list: Crossed: Family Values. (And artist Jacen Burrows signed it.) Not sure what it was, but it seemed each table was carrying the same stuff that I wasn’t interested in, or already had it. Not a book struck me as worth reading. I didn’t even chance on anything new. Bust. Oh well. It saved me money.

Which brings me to my next point: I mentioned that this con may be my last. For one, there is a very good chance I will be moving out of the Seattle area this year. And second, I left the con this year feeling a little less awed than the previous years. I just didn’t get out of it what I was expecting. It was far too crowded and the guests were much more annoying. Perhaps I tried to fit too much into one day. Perhaps I’ve grown tired my lifelong hobby. For one thing, I’m so far behind on what’s happening in the comics world I don’t even know what’s going on anymore:

  • Captain America died. They brought him back.
  • Batman died. They brought him back.
  • Spider-man died. Now he’s African-American-Latino…… the fuck?

I’m sure I’ll keep reading comics throughout the years, but I foresee it as not being the hobby so dear to my heart as it has since I was a kid.

Unless, of course, I step it up and start wearing costumes to the conventions ;)

3 thoughts on “Emerald City Comicon 2012

  1. curtis says:

    I’m really bummed I couldn’t join you for this year and last. Hopefully we can make an effort to meet up at a future one.

    I’m really glad to see you writing. It is always entertaining and I hope you find time to write more in the future. I’ll never forget our first time at ECCC, where we both worked that morning and had to work that night, but it was so much fun that I didn’t care.

    If its any consulation, you got me into comics again, and some are so badass I count them among my favorite stories. I really need to find more reccommenations from you…I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface.

    See you in a few weeks you lucky scoundrel.

    • Yes! I kept thinking of that first con we went to as I wrote this. That was awesome! Julie Benz!

      I’m glad you like the writing. I’ve been trying to write a little more these days, which is kind of difficult considering I have even less time than before. It’s good for the brain.

      I can’t remember if I’ve recommended this to you yet, but Crossed is a great read. If you get it, make sure you get the first volume by Garth Ennis. There’s no real order to the stories after that.

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