Super Underoos For Grown Men

I’ve noticed in the past year or so that my local retailer has been carrying a line of new clothing in the men’s department: Super Hero Underwear! (Which can also be found online at the link I’ve just provided.) It used to be just a few character logos on the briefs, like your typical popular heroes like Superman and Spider-man. Now there are boxers, briefs, boxer/briefs, and more of a variety of super symbols adorning them, from both DC and Marvel. At first, I found them amusing, and then I got to pondering who would actually buy and wear such unmentionables.

Do moms buy them for their nerdy, comic book loving teenagers?

Do girlfriends/spouses purchase them for their nerdy, comic book loving men?

Or, do grown men buy these on their own accord because they find them totally freakin’ awesome?

More importantly, what are grown men trying to tell the ladies with underwear like this?

The Punisher:  “Please, refer to my nether region as The Punisher!” I’m at a loss as to why any man would wear this particular logo on their briefs. It kind of defeats the purpose of wearing anything of this character because it is not very menacing to be sporting the skull on your crotch. Perhaps this is for the BDSM folks.

Captain America:  Don’t be a commie. Do it for your country. It’s OK. He has a protective shield.

Iron Man: Self explanatory.

The Flash:  Hey, it’ll be over in a…    No. Nothing good can come from this.

Batman:  I suppose the only one that would be cool and flattering to a man’s ego would be Batman. It’s like saying you’re a detective, and you’re there to find that problem and solve it.

Even though I’m a comic book loving geek, I can’t see myself wearing these. All I can really say is that this men’s line of clothing is laughable, and most likely, that’s what it was intended for. Just a bit of ridiculous fun.

However, I must say, the women’s line is most enticing, as this other blog proves.

4 thoughts on “Super Underoos For Grown Men

  1. The Captain America and Flash comments made me laugh so hard. I think you should do one for all comic book characters made. Ever.

    By the way, my parents bought me a pair of McDonald’s boxers a while ago. It says “Over 1 billion served” on the back.

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